East Metro Atlanta's Home & Garden Expo - April 21, 2018

Exhibitor Tips

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Exhibitor Tips

Have a Creative Booth to Attract Customers

Attracting customers starts with your booth’s appearance. This first impression means everything for getting attendees to come closer so that you can maximize your investment as an exhibitor. Spend some time and energy on creating a booth appearance that will WOW! the attendees so they want to know more. Include greenery in your booth. It’s amazing how far a little houseplant will go toward making your space more welcoming. You may want to add carpet or an area rug to make your space more welcoming. Make sure your booth design lets attendees immediately recognize what you offer, who you are, and your level of professionalism. And make your space open and inviting so your staff are visible, smiling, and appearing ready to assist.

Keep Your Booth Staffed at All Times

Communicate clearly with your staff about how and when they will staff your booth. Prearrange breaks and provide instructions about changing shifts. It is not only important that you have enough staff at the booth to handle busy times, but also that they are knowledgeable about the products and services you offer. One key tip for staff is that the booth is there to support them, not the other way around. Your staff’s purpose is not to field questions and direct traffic, it is to gather leads and convert them into a customer. You are here to grow.

Send the Right Message

When your staff is manning the booth it is important that they understand they are exhibiting themselves as a reflection of your company. The biggest influencers in your booth are those staffing it. Everything your staff does in the booth sends a message to your prospective customers. Be 100% ready. Instruct them not to eat or drink in the booth, cluster in a group that can be intimidating, or hang in the back of the booth. These are the tendencies during slow periods but it sends the wrong message about being ready to passing attendees. Instead, they should be ready, up front and in the center of your booth to actively engage people and bring them into your exhibit area.

Create an Engaging Game Plan

All your planning comes down to how you engage the attendees. Your techniques for keeping attendees interested are different than you everyday sales techniques. You want to consider how you can engage a group of people in a limited area. Be creative. Create a game plan with goals, strategies, and selling points for your staff to qualify leads so that your time with attendees is utilized for the best return on your investment. And remind everyone to bring their positive attitudes and smile!

Plant Seeds by Asking Good Questions

Have a few qualifying questions to ask attendees that help to build trust, develop rapport, and grow the attendee into a customer. Make sure your questions are open ended to develop conversation. Good questions could be, “How long have been in the area?”, “What would you change about your current {product or service}?”

Do PreShow Marketing

Get the word out that you will be an exhibitor. Announce in advance to your clients about the free entry to the show and inform them where your booth will be located. Include your exhibit information in your advertisement, on your social media, on your website, and at your brick and mortar locations. If you have a retail location, we have flyers and posters to help you display event information. In addition, consider offering show-only pricing for people that visit your booth during the expo.

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